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Facilitating safety

for everyone's empowerment in service to the story


What an Intimacy Coordinator does...

Provides for the protection of the performers on set through compassionate communication that helps to establish consent and articulates boundaries while shooting scenes of intimacy, nudity and simulated sex in order to realize the director’s artistic vision. IC’s create a safe container through clear communication and empathetic listening resulting in an efficient and comfortable environment where everyone can bring their best selves to the work.

Our Story
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"Christine is a deft communicator, a fierce fighter for equality and a dedicated sex-positive educator. The role of intimacy coordinator is a natural progression for her in her career after everything she has accomplished as an Actor/Director, Life Coach and leader in the film community."

Lisa Lucas

President, New Mexico Women in Film

25 year film industry veteran and Principal Partner,

Executive Producer Likeminds Films, LLC


What I bring to the role of Intimacy Coordinator...

A professional lifetime of learning and teaching effective communication in dealing with power disparity issues. A compassionate listener who will keep an eye on efficient and effective communication in an industry where time is money.


Why an IC is becoming the industry Standard.

Because sex scenes are ripe both for failures of communication and for deliberate abuses of power, which, in the absence of a clear protocol, can be hard to tell apart.


A closer look at SAG/AFTRA new intimacy guidelines.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the guild has established a Four Pillars of Change initiative and a Code of Conduct “to address the potentially toxic culture and power imbalances that contribute to workplace harassment.”

Curious how I can help your production?

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