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Intimacy Coordinator Orientation

Christine will come (in person or virtually) to your group, class or organization to explain the role of an Intimacy Coordinator, the history of the role’s employment in the film and TV industry and why it’s so important for the safe functioning of sets in New Mexico and around the world. Besides the PowerPoint presentation there will be time for an interactive Q & A for more information. Approximately one hour.

Look for Christine's Emotional Intelligence workshop, Dealing With Difficult Conversations for Advanced Intimacy Coordinators on the Intimacy Professionals Association Website:

Offered semi-annually





Schedule an appointment with Christine to talk in-depth about the profession, learn about what skill sets are necessary to succeed as well as the formalized training programs that are out there, and get further down the road of knowing if this career might be a good fit for you.  

Schedule your one-hour Zoom call:

Cost: $100

Curious how I can help your production?

I’d love to connect.

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